Bohemia Crystal FYT Sandra Wine Set/3PC

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Bohemia Crystal FYT Sandra Wine Set/3PC
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Model: B31AA9-1500-S4

Set of 2 classic red wine glasses and decanter. The glass is especially suitable for young or ripe red wine, but it can also serve some white and red wines of Burgundy type. The glass excels in its classic and unique shape reminiscent of a slightly closed tulip - the cup body is bulbous and closes towards the throat to perfectly cumulate the aroma substances of the drink. Glasses for red wines should be particularly voluminous, so that the aroma can develop perfectly and the wine is sufficiently oxygenated. Wine should be poured into such a glass well below half. The larger the glass, the lower we pour in proportion to its volume. The circular movement of the glass creates a large area and the wine is perfectly aerated and so its aroma enjoy much more. The glasses are supplied in a gift package.

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