About Us

CG Distributor Pty Ltd (CGD) are proud to offer, directly to the public, the world famous and renowned Bohemia Crystal at very competitive prices. CGD is part of a direct import chain which allows us to keep prices to a minimum and will be introducing new brands going forward. This close cooperation represents the glassworks and crystal producers of Europe.


The History of Bohemia Crystal

Our quality crystal products are from the historic and traditional factories involved in crystal making in Europe. For many centuries these factories have been proudly producing crystal and glass products that are born through the artistic involvement of the designers and creators of these luxurious products. Our products are created in the flame of life from the European heartlands.

Before 1939 there was little importation of Czechoslovakian (now Czech and Slovak Republics) glass and crystal into the Australian Market. Immediately after the war, a Bohemia Crystal Factory at Havlickuv Brod contacted the Australian Chamber of Commerce to find an agent in Australia with knowledge of crystal and glass products and in 1946 an agent was appointed for Bohemia Crystal product in Australia. In 1948 all the individual factories throughout Czechoslovakia joined together to form one multinational organisation. This company was named Glassexport Co. Limited.

From 1949 onwards, the Australian agent visited Czechoslovakia each year to coordinate production programs and to source and improve ranges and designs with each factory to suit the needs of the Australian market.

As the new century opened, Bohemia branded product continued to expand, bringing quality design and craftsmanship to the market at affordable prices for the population of Australia. The trend to continue to provide both traditional, contemporary and modern pieces to the market was further enhanced by the introduction of new technologies and brands.